In December 2019, a series of pneumonia cases of unknown cause emerged in Wuhan, Hubei, China, with clinical presentations greatly resembling viral pneumonia. Following the first reports of cases of acute respiratory syndrome in the Chinese Wuhan municipality deep sequencing analysis from lower respiratory tract samples indicated a novel coronavirus, which was named 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The 2019-nCoV is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans. Human-to-human the transmission has been confirmed but the full extent of this mode of transmission is still a mystery. However, research work is in progress to identify the source of infection.

From the information received so far, the virus can cause mild, flu-like symptoms as well as severe disease. People with existing chronic conditions seem to be more vulnerable to severe illness. Pre-existing conditions reported so far include hypertension and other cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, liver disorders, and another respiratory disease.

 Although the most likely primary source of this outbreak is of animal origin investigations are ongoing to determine the source and mode of transmission of the 2019-nCoV virus. Authorities in China confirmed human-to-human transmission of this virus, including among healthcare workers.

 Thus far, more than 800 confirmed cases, including in health-care workers, have been identified in Wuhan. Coronaviruses have spread in more than 19 countries. In china’s 31 provinces nearly 10,000 cases of infections have been recorded out of which 1527 patients are in serious condition

 The World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the new coronavirus, as China reported Friday the death toll had climbed to 213 with nearly 10,000 infections out of which 1527 patients are in serious condition. “Our greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems.” WHO is working closely with global experts, governments, and partners to rapidly expand scientific knowledge on this new virus, to track the spread and virulence of the virus, and to provide advice to countries and individuals on measures to protect health and prevent the spread of this outbreak! WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a briefing in Geneva on Thursday, Jan 30.

 Beijing’s ambassador in New Delhi Sun Weidong said that the coronavirus is generally preventable, controllable and curable and China’s system enables it to mobilise all resources for big tasks. He told that The Chinese government and people were making every effort to combat the epidemic. There is no need for unnecessary panic and no need for excessive measures. He informed that 218 coronavirus patients in China have recovered, and discharged from hospitals.

 Despite the fact that the epicentre of the outbreak remains in Wuhan, which is reporting most of the cases, the risk of infection is not limited to Wuhan. The outbreak has rapidly evolved affecting other parts of China and outside the country.

 In France also 6th case of Coronaviruses has been found. The case of Coronaviruses in two other European countries Germany and Finland have also come to notice. In a fit of panic the Moroccan National Carrier Royal Air Maroc has decided to cancel the flight for China. Earlier much international Air Lines including American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air India, and Air Canada had decided to cancel their flights for China. Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has passed an order to suspend all flights to Coronaviruses infected areas.

 British Government also on Jan 31, 2020, confirmed two cases of Coronaviruses. Both the affected are from the same family and their special treatment and care are being taken. In Indonesia also, China controlled PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park has sealed its Nickel Mining establishment. As a precautionary major it has put its employees, numbering nearly 43000, in quarantine.

 India is also taking all precautions to check the entry of this deadly Coronavirus in this country. Screening camp has been set up at Delhi airport for passengers from Wuhan. Screening of the Indian students from Wuhan, China, at the airport will be done by a joint team of Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and Airport Health Authority (APHO).

 As per the authorities, the procedure of screening and the quarantine will comprise two steps, the first one being screening at the airport followed by quarantine at Manesar and if any individual is suspected to be infected, he/she will be shifted to the isolation ward at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment. Students, arriving from China, will be monitored for weeks at the facility center

 The first batch of 324 Indians, mostly students, were brought back to Delhi from Wuhan on a special flight on the morning of Feb 1, 2020. 95 of the 324 Indians, have been taken from the airport to an ITBP camp for medical observation. They have been shifted to the paramilitary force’s Chhawla camp in west Delhi.

 The second batch of 323 stranded citizens from China’s coronavirus-hit Wuhan city was airlifted on Feb 2, 2020. They will be kept in a quarantine facility for now.

 As reported by PTI Fourteen students who were studying at Wuhan in China has returned to Akola district in Maharashtra in the last two weeks. As per health officials, these students were screened at the Mumbai airport and then again at local hospitals. Luckily none of them had symptoms of coronavirus, officials said.

As reported by ANI a 23-year-old man from Tripura died in a Malaysian hospital after being infected from a new strain of coronavirus, his family member has claimed. The youth, identified as Manir Hossain, hailed from Tripura’s Purathal Rajnagar village. He had gone to Malaysia back in 2018 and used to work there in a restaurant. However, this incident could not be ascertained by TOI.

 India’s first coronavirus case confirmed in Kerala on Jan 30. “One positive case of Novel Coronavirus — a student studying in Wuhan University — has been reported from Kerala,” said a statement released by the health ministry.

 India on Sunday, Feb 2, reported the second case of novel coronavirus with a person from Kerala, who had returned from China recently, testing positive, officials said. However, the Kerala government said the state was awaiting the results from the National Institute of Virology (NIV) at Pune. “We have been informed telephonically by NIV Pune that there is a possibility of another positive case” said the official.

So far a total of 633 people, who returned to Kerala from China in recent days, seven are under observation in isolation wards at different hospitals, according to officials.