Clashes of promises in Bihar elections, know in whose manifesto what is there

  1. Bhartiya Janata Party:

Know what are the promises in the resolution letter of the Bhartiya Janata Party

  • Provide free vaccination of corona
    1. Schools will appoint 3 lakh teachers in universities and institutes of higher education
  • The promise of 19 lakh jobs in the next five years
  1. Arrangement of 50 thousand crores will make 1 crore women self-reliant
  2. Will provide job opportunities in Health Department to a total of 1 lakh people, AIIMS operations in Darbhanga by 2024
  3. After paddy and wheat, now purchase pulses at MSP rates
  4. Pucca houses to 7-30 million people by 2022
  5. To make technical education including medical engineering available in Hindi language
  6. To set up 15 private and comfed based milk processing industries in next two years
  7. Will make Bihar the number one state in the country in fish production
  8. Connecting one thousand new farmer products associations with special successful products across the state (eg- maize, fruit, vegetable, chuda, makhana, paan, masala, honey, mentha, supply chain for medicinal plants


  1. RJD’s manifesto issued: 

Rashtriya Janata Dal i.e. RJD has released its manifesto for Bihar assembly elections. RJD has named this manifesto as ‘Our Prana’, ‘Resolution change’. So let’s know the promises of RJD …

  1. Promise to provide 10 lakh jobs to unemployed youth of Bihar. The restoration process will begin with the first signature of the first meeting of the cabinet.
  2. All employees will be abolished by abolishing contractual practice and will be given equal pay for equal work.
  3. Privatization will be eliminated in all departments.
  4. Employed teachers, pay scale executive assistants, librarian Urdu teachers will be reinstated.
  5. The youth of Bihar will not have to pay the application fee to fill the government jobs form and the journey to the examination centre will be free.
  6. Millions of direct jobs and indirect employment through private and unorganized sectors in the health care sector
  7. Livelihood cadres will be given interest-free loans to members of groups with a permanent job at regular pay scale.
  8. Promise to give unemployment allowance of Rs 1500 to unemployed youth.
  9. Promise to reserve 85 percent of government jobs for youth of Bihar
  10. Promise to waive farmers’ debt


  1. Congress manifesto:

On Wednesday, the Congress released a manifesto separate from its Grand Alliance regarding the assembly general elections starting next week in Bihar. The party has named it Bihar Parivartan Patra. In this manifesto, the Congress has promised the farmers of Bihar to waive free power and debt if they come to power.

  1. Debt of farmers waived on coming to power
  2. Poor electricity bill waived
  3. The farmers promise to get the right price for the right crop
  4. Promise to reject agricultural laws
  5. 1500 per month till unemployed
  6. Promise to give pension of ₹ 1000 to widowed women


  1. LJP’s manifesto: 

LJP released the vision document for the Bihar assembly elections. LJP chief Chirag Paswan issued a document in the form of a manifesto. With the implementation of Bihar First Bihari First, the key promises of LJP are:

    1. Equal work equal pay promise
    2. Prompt resumption of approved and approved posts of all departments
    3. Promise to establish state-of-the-art cancer institutes
  • Formation of Bihar First Bihari First Youth Commission
  • Promise to build a grand temple of Sita Maiya 
  1. Promise to modernize SC-ST hostel with Wi-Fi, library, mess, sports material, and security guard

Free Covid vaccine promise in BJP’s poll manifesto: 

Amid the opposition’s criticism of the BJP’s Bihar poll promise of free Covid vaccines, Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman asserted on Saturday, October 24, that the announcement was perfectly in order and a party can announce what it wants to do when it comes to power.

Sitharaman had released the Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) manifesto for the Bihar polls on Thursday, October 22. A high light of the promises made in the document was free Covid-19 vaccines for the state’s people if the saffron party comes back to power.

Opposition parties had slammed the BJP for the promise and demanded the Election Commission (EC), while alleging that the ruling party was using the pandemic for political gains.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, Sitharaman, a senior BJP leader, said, “It is a manifesto announcement. A party can announce what it wants to do when it comes to power. That is exactly what is announced. Health is a state subject. It is perfectly in order.”

Every party in its manifesto states what it wants to do when it comes to power, she added.