These days two ladies of political prominence are fighting tooth and nail to attain supremacy in  political scenario in state of UP. No surprise that BSP supremo Mayawati is having a restless time these days.

After 2019 Lok Sabha elections the organisational strength of Congress party became tattered and to regain the lost ground in Utter Pradesh, the Congress party under Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is adopting shock-and-awe tactics in taking on the Yogi government in the state. Priyanka Gandhi is trying to take benefit of the lukewarm reaction of opposition parties in the state over CAA-NRC protests. “In UP, Priyanka Gandhi is raising people’s voice since the government was trying to quell it,” it is said by congress leaders.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra seems to have taken the lead over rival Opposition parties in her tussle with the Uttar Pradesh government over alleged police excesses against people who took part in protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). While attacking opposition parties, particularly SP and BSP she told her party men that these opposition parties are fearing BJP government for obvious reasons but she is least fearful and she will fight BJP single-handedly. 

Perturbed by the sudden emergence of Priyanka Gandhi in UP politics and her head on collision with BJP government on various issues and her remarks against them, both Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati have inherent fear that she is eyeing to penetrate their traditional vote bank. It is open secret that both Congress and BSP share a common vote bank to a large extent and Mayawati’s concern is obvious.   

Yadavs, Dalits and Muslims — the electoral base of the SP and the BSP — are estimated to constitute over 50 per cent of the population in 47 of the 80 Lok Sabha constituencies in UP. In spite of the fact that congress is weak in the state but still enjoys the support of a sizeable section of Muslims and Priyanka has been seeking to bolster the percentage by taking head on with state government on all the issues where she can start a hue and cry terming the incident anti Muslims and  anti-Dalit. No doubt she is doing so at the cost of BSP.   

Mayawati is an astute politician and to down play the supremacy of Priyanka Gandhi she has started attacking her on some issues of prominence other than CAA and NRC. It is obvious that Mayawati’s increasing attack on the Congress emanates from her fear that any possible expansion of the Congress under Priyanka Gandhi may largely be at the cost of the BSP support base in UP. 

Mayawati assailed Priyanka Gandhi for not speaking about the deaths of 100 children in Kota district of Congress-ruled Rajasthan. In a seething attack to Priyanka she alleged so many children died in Kota because of carelessness of Rajasthan’s Congress government. Around 100 newborn babies are reported to have died in government-run hospital in Kota over a period of last a few days with 10 death reported on January 1 only.

In three consecutive tweets posted in Hindi on Thursday Jan 2, 2020 in the morning at 8:34 AM she charged that the Rajasthan’s Congress government and its chief minister Ashok Gehlot continued to remain ‘insensitive’, ‘indifferent’ and ‘irresponsible’ to the deaths of children in Kota. “This is highly condemnable,” she said. 

She further, condemned the utter silence of Congress’ top leadership, especially, its woman general secretary, on this issue, who is meeting family members of those killed in anti-CAA violence in UP but has not found it necessary to meet poor mothers who lost their babies

She emphasized Priyanka’s activities in the state capital of Lucknow in the past few days would be taken as ”mere drama” if she failed to meet the mothers, who had lost their children in Kota. She demanded that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot be sacked in the wake of death of over 100 infants in a government-run hospital in Kota.

Taking a dig at Priyanka Gandhi Chief Minister Adityanath said, ”The death of around one hundred children is painful and tragic….it is a matter of regret that Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary Priyanka Vadra, despite being women themselves, do not feel the pain of the bereaved mothers.” He advised that party leader Priyanka Gandhi should have gone there to console the children’s mothers instead of “playing politics” in UP.

The war of attrition between the Congress and the BSP is continuing and it will be interesting to see the climax.