Delivering the vote of thanks at the inaugural function of the International Judicial Conference 2020- “Judiciary and the Changing World” at the Supreme Court, on Saturday, Feb 22, 2020, where, Judges from 20 countries were attending the conference, he said challenges faced by judiciary at the national and international levels are common and judiciary has a “significant role” in the ever-changing world.

Justice Mishra was praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and termed an “internationally acclaimed visionary” and a “versatile genius who thinks globally and acts locally.” Justice Mishra said: “India is a responsible and most friendly member of the international community under the ‘stewardship’ of Modi and committed to constitutional obligations and dedicated to a peaceful and a secure world, free from terrorism.”
He also complimented Modi for doing away with 1,500 obsolete laws.

Obviously, some pugnacious opposition leaders are not going to digest these praiseworthy complements for Modi by no other than a Supreme Court Judge and certainly will spew venom against both and as usual will try to malign them!