Politics is at its peak due to the ongoing Bihar assembly election 2020. Political parties have offered a slew of promises in their manifestos, including free Covid-19 vaccines. The promise of jobs seems to have edged out other issues to become a major poll plank, besides others such as pension schemes, anti-farm law legislation, and tax waivers.

Campaigning for the second phase of Bihar assembly elections ended on Sunday evening, setting the stage for polling on Tuesday in 94 constituencies spread across 17 districts. The last day of campaigning witnessed hectic canvassing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing four back-to-back rallies supporting NDA candidates, and RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav, who is also in the fray in this phase, crisscrossing over a dozen venues.

As voting progresses every day, leaders of different political parties are addressing each other with new words amidst the election heat. Here, we take a look at what leaders of major parties in play are spewing venom on others.


Jitan Ram Manjhi

Former CM Jitan Ram Manjhi has given a big statement. Manjhi has raised questions on the death of Ram Vilas Paswan. Talking to ABP News, he has demanded a judicial inquiry into Paswan’s death. On Monday, he wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding an investigation into the death of Union Minister and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) patron Ram Vilas Paswan. In the letter, HAM raised several questions and pointed at his son Chirag Paswan’s ss role.”  “There are several doubts that bring his son Chirag Paswan in question”” reads the letter. Manjhi has questioned why Ram Vilas Paswan’s ss medical bulletin was not issued daily. Manjhi claims that Paswan died two-three days ago. Now, the question arises as to whether Manjhi can smell any political connection in Paswan’s death.

Addressing an election rally at Gopalganj Manjhi said that today in the Nitish government, Dalits, Mahadalits, poor are safe. On the one hand, the most influential Prime Minister of the world is Narendra Modi, and on the other side is Nitish Kumar, the development man. If the public leaves Nitish Kumar, Bihar will go back to Jungle Raj.

Manjhi said that he was a witness, then there was a kidnapping during RJD’s rule and after an hour there was a panchayat to pay back and return home.

Apart from this, Jitan Ram Manjhi kept his point on every issue related to Bihar elections. Manjhi is not considering Chirag Paswan or Tejaswi Yadav as a challenge in front of Nitish. He said that some stand with the stunning, involved in theft, robbery, and robbery. Former Bihar Chief Minister Manjhi claimed that there would be no hung assembly this time. Whatever happens, will be transcended. He said that who is the great leader of the Dalits would find out on the 9th.

Former Chief Minister and National President of HAM Jitan Ram Manjhi has described LJP chief Chirag Paswan as a coronavirus. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, he said that Chirag calls himself Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but has come out to set fire to Ayodhya instead of Lanka. The people of Bihar need to stay away from such viruses.

 Chirag Paswan has been targeting Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his government for the last several days. In such a situation, in the battle of these two, now former CM Jitan Ram Manjhi has also come with Nitish Kumar.

Lamp for lighting lanterns in Bihar politics.


 The name Coronavirus is roaming.

These are such Hanuman who is in the interest of burning Ram’s Ayodhya instead of Lanka.

People of Bihar are urged to avoid such viruses.


Tejaswi Yadav

RJD Chief Tejaswi Yadav, hitting out at CM Nitish Kumar, said, “Nitish Ji cannot handle Bihar. There’re only 77 policemen per lakh population in Bihar, and job vacancies have not been filled. We’re asking the public to give us a chance, so we can do what CM couldn’t achieve in 15 years. His bidai (farewell) is guaranteed, and a Mahagathbandhan government coming to power

The Grand Alliance’s CM candidate has promised 10 lakh government jobs in the “very first Cabinet with my very first signature”. He has reduced this number to simple math: “There is a provision in the budget for 4.5 lakh jobs that are vacant. And 5.5 lakh jobs more are needed for Bihar’s progress, according to NITI Aayog. If there is a will, it’s possible.” According to him, these 5.5 lakh jobs will be added in medicine, education, police services, etc.


Bihar BJP president Dr Sanjay Jaiswal

After raising questions regarding Tejaswi’s promise, the BJP somewhat diluted the charge by vowing in its manifesto to create 19 lakh jobs. As the BJP put it, its promise was not about “giving jobs” but “creating them”.

Bihar BJP president Dr Sanjay Jaiswal said only four lakhs of those jobs — three lakhs in teaching and one lakh in health — would be in the government sector. He said the IT sector would create one lakh jobs and the rest would come from agriculture etc., without details.

Local issues trump national concerns at the state level.

“Local issues are no longer separate from larger national issues. People are aware that a decisive government is needed at the Centre as well as the state. Suppose the BJP is raising the issue of Kashmir. In that case, it is with a purpose to tell the families of the soldiers from Bihar that the sacrifice of their sons and daughters are not going in vain and that the government is committed to securing the borders as it is about providing jobs,” said a BJP functionary.


Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has been facing twin attacks from RJD’s Tejaswi Yadav and former ally Chirag Paswan in the Bihar election campaign, in a tweet today said those who are in politics “by inheritance” had no idea of what he had done for Bihar. “Those who have got everything in inheritance have no idea of the struggle of karmveers. I have sacrificed everything for Bihar. Service is my devotion,” Nitish Kumar tweeted in Hindi with newspaper headlines of his campaign with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hitting out at the RJD, CM Nitish Kumar said, “Should they shelve all other development work?” He said earlier nobody used to get salaries in time and recalled that several teachers and university professors had told the CM during his Vikas Yatra in 2005 that they did not get salaries in time. “We fixed that. Now, what do they want to do? Again, not paying salaries? Will there be no other (development) work?” He added, “Where will they give the jobs from? Where will they create the posts from? And where is the money?” The chief minister said the promise had been made just to “create confusion” in society.


PM Modi

Campaigning for the second phase of Bihar assembly elections ended on Sunday evening, setting the stage for polling on Tuesday in 94 constituencies spread across 17 districts. The last day of campaigning witnessed hectic canvassing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing four back-to-back rallies supporting NDA candidates.

PM Modi, in his Sunday rallies, excoriated the opposition over the Pulwama attack after Pakistan’s admission of complicity in it and berated the RJD-Congress combine, calling it an alliance of “double-double yuvraj” (two crown princes) whose sole concern was to protect their “respective thrones”. BJP leaders repeatedly raked up the Ram temple issues, Article 370, triple talaq, and prominently mentioned the Pakistani minister’s admission of his country’s involvement in the Pulwama attack of 2019 had left 40 CRPF Jawan’s dead.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the opposition Mahagathbandhan’s CM candidate Tejaswi Yadav and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by calling them crown princes without naming them, saying that the fight in Bihar elections was between ‘double yuvraj’ and the double engine growth’ under the NDA rule at the centre and in states.

Addressing rallies in Chhapra, Samastipur, Motihari and Bagaha on the last day of electioneering for the second phase of assembly elections, Modi referred to the 15-year rule of Tejaswi’s parents, RJD Chief Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi, and said that ‘double yuvraj’ were trying to bring back ‘jungle raj’ in the state. Referring to the unsuccessful attempt by the coalition of Rahul and SP president Akhilesh Yadav to win 2017 UP assembly elections, he said ‘double yuvraj’ will fail in Bihar just like they did in the neighbouring state. One of the two ‘Yuvrajs’ who are wearing swords of statements in the electoral fray, one is PM in waiting and the other is CM in waiting.

In his first election rally in Bihar on October 23, the PM had deemed the demand for restoration of Article 370 as an insult to the soldiers from Bihar who fought in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley

“On the one side is double engine government of NDA at the Centre and in Bihar that has provided facilities and infrastructure to the state. On the other side is ‘double yuvraj’ who will pursue family interest and make wealth by looting the poor’s resources. That is what they have done by way of their family track record,” Modi aid.

Referring to the “despondency among youth under the jungle raj” he pointed out that the investments to build industries did not come to Bihar during the RJD rule and, therefore, no job could be created for youths outside the government. “The investors nursed fear of kidnapping and ransom and thy always thought that they would have to set aside the ransom money for the kidnappers in advance,” he said.

Firing on all cylinders on a day when campaign for 94 assembly segments going to polls in the second phase came to an end, Modi also touched upon contentious issues like Balakot air strike, Ayodhya, Article 370, Citizenship Amendment Act and the alleged anti-national slogans raised at JNU by pro-Left activists.

Addressing another rally in Samastipur, Modi said on one side of the political divide was the NDA which was committed to democracy and on the other an alliance devoted to dynastic politics.

“Has any relative of (Bihar Chief Minister) Nitish Kumar been sent to Rajya Sabha? Do you find any relative of Modi in Parliament?” he asked the audience in Samastipur which responded with a resounding “No”.

He invoked ‘Chhathi Maiya’, worshiped by women during the ‘Chhath’ festivities in November, and called upon “women, mothers, their daughters and sisters” to vote for NDA candidates in large numbers in the remaining two phases of the polls to help form government under CM Nitish Kumar again.


UP CM Yogi Adityanath

UP CM Yogi Adityanath accused the RJD of dividing the society based on caste and religion at an election rally in West Champaran. “Be it Congress or RJD, they only know how to cheat people. They’ve been dividing the society based on caste, region and religion. Don’t expect them ever to unite people,” he said. CM Yogi also alleged RJD of looting jobs from the people. “Those who looted jobs of youth for the benefit of their family, how’re they even promising jobs now, from where they’ll bring the jobs? When they were in power, let alone provide food to the poor, they even digested fodder of animals, who can’t say a word,” he said.


Chirag Paswan

The LJP president targets Mr Kumar, again and again, saying that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will not return to power after November 10. Chirag Paswan, has made it clear that his sole agenda is to oust Nitish Kumar and form a government with the BJP.

Chirag Paswan attacked CM Nitish Kumar over the Sushasan babu tag saying that the loot is being exposed. Chirag said, “CM has been wearing ‘Sushasan’ babu tag for the last 15 years. But now, his loot is being exposed. He never spoke about Munger and doesn’t speak a word on corruption. He is known as Palturam as he was against Lalu and then formed govt with them in 2015.”

Chirag Paswan has claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being forced to conduct seven consecutive rallies in Bihar to substitute for the Chief minister’s unpopularity. He is aware that not a single person would vote in the name of Nitish Kumar.

In one of the meetings he claimed that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may ditch the BJP after the assembly poll results are out, join the RJD-led Grand Alliance and make yet another attempt at posing a challenge to the NDA in the 2024 general elections.

“Nitish Kumar has earned the epithet ‘Palturam’ (turncoat) by virtue of his frequent acts of paltimaar. He came to power in Bihar after a long political battle with RJD chief Lalu Prasad. A few years later, he snapped ties with the BJP, an old ally and ended up allying with his arch rival,” he told a news channel.

Stepping up his attack on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he challenged him to contest the Bihar Assembly election 2020. Chirag Paswan questioned why Nitish Kumar has not contested any Bihar Assembly election after 2005 and took a swipe at him saying that the chief minister “does not directly communicate with people” in the state.

Chirag Paswan also disclosed that it was his father, Ram Vilas Paswan, because he chose to walk out of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and fight the Bihar Election 2020 on 143 seats.